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Adopt eco-friendly packaging

Tiziri Ait Ali

Posted on August 09 2019

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Everything from cosmetic, accessories or food packaging to shipping packaging require important amount of material. However, most of these packaging materials end up as waste, generating tons of garbage per year. This leads to an environmental need to create an eco-friendly solution with less carbon footprint as possible.


Eco-friendly packaging properties

Paper and plastic may be the most common packaging options but they are not the only ones. Kraft paper stands out in front of other materials because it is one hundred percent made of plant fibers and is also one hundred percent renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. When it is recycled for other uses, we give it a second life that could be used in eco-packaging or wrapping paper, and this is due to their incredible resistance. A paper fiber can be recycled up to 10 times, after that the fibers become too fragile. These properties promote the reduction of the carbon footprint, which is incomparable with the standard conventional packaging materials.


The benefits of using eco-packaging

Biodegradable packaging represents a great alternative for the environment by reducing waste. The material used comes from recycling and/or from sustainable sources, which limits the use of virgin raw materials.

Always choose eco-friendly-packaging that comes from a sustainable source. Sustainably sourced paper does not destroy forests because the certified paper industry uses either materials that are derived from wood such as wood waste, or trees that come from a sustainably managed forests where branches and sawmill waste are used for example. If you want to know if the paper or cardboard comes from a sustainable forest, look for the PEFC or FSC labels.

It is very important that a balance between development and nature exists; this supports the safety of the future of our planet.


The decomposition process

Eco-packaging tubes or containers can be safely buried in a flower bed or put in the compost for example. The decomposition is quick; the fibers are broken down by a natural biological process under the action of microorganisms.


    Packaging is only one aspect in our company work but reducing packaging waste can have a great impact on the environment. At herbalEra, we use resistant biodegradable eco-packaging which comes from a FSC certified source. We make responsible packaging a natural choice.



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    Photo credit: Victoria Strukovskaya on Unsplash

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