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Why natural cosmetics?

Tiziri Ait Ali

Posted on January 08 2019

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The average person who uses conventional skin care products, uses about eight a day, which means they expose themselves to about 115 different harmful chemicals. They can cause allergies, dermatitis, acne, hives and contribute to the deterioration of the skin. Some cosmetic brands even use lead and chromium, which are very carcinogenic agents.

People who deeply care about their health avoid foods that contain products they can not pronounce. Why not doing the same with our skin that absorbs the substances we expose it to? Natural products are becoming the answer to a healthy and environment-friendly choice.


Why using natural cosmetic products?

Access to information has made consumers more aware of what they put on their skin, and that is why they are more and more avoiding harmful substances that could have side effects. They understand that the skin is a natural barrier between us and the outside environment, and over time, it absorbs a great part of the chemicals we are exposed to every day.

There are evidences that organic medicinal plants contain up to 100 times more active molecule concentration than conventional synthetic cosmetics, opening a new era where the effectiveness of natural substances competes with synthetic actives. Natural substances nourish and detoxify your skin naturally. They provide nutrients that restore the vital function of the dermis, and a healthier appearance through natural active ingredients that help oxygenate the skin.

- Natural cosmetic improve cellular functions. A healthy cell with a good metabolism strengthens your immune system, and becomes able to deal with external aggression in a more effective way (when it comes to neutralize free radicals for example);

- natural cosmetics improve the tone and reduce the skin shininess;

- the ingredients of certified organic cosmetics often come from fair trade sources that support small local economies;

-the use of natural cosmetics without parabens and without harmful chemicals reduces the pollution and protects the environment;

- natural cosmetics are not tested on animals, they are committed to the environment, and they do not generate harmful impacts on terrestrial and marine fauna and flora.

It is easy to understand that a substance that the body does not recognize as "similar" can not have the same impact on the skin as active natural ingredients. If the cell recognizes a natural substance as a "friend", it will not only interact with more effectiveness but also create a livable synergy over time.

Example: the conventional lipsticks contain oil and lead which soften the lips sensitive skin creating a temporary "perfect lip" effect, but they create a rebound effect because the substances they contain are like a rain coat, very soft but they don not allow hydration and therefore the skin will fold dry. When the silicone is gone, the dryness feeling will increase, and a vicious cycle of addiction is created.


Health benefits of non-toxic cosmetics

Have you ever considered the amount of harmful substances you put on your skin? The skin, which is daily exposed to thousands of good and harmful substances, is the organ that protects us from external aggressions. Conventional body care products such as make-up, shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes, perfumes, etc, are full of endocrine disruptors that interfer with the proper functioning of our hormones. They are filled with synthetic fragrances, toxic preservatives and other harmful chemicals that the skin does not recognize as similar and responds poorly to their presence. Using cosmetic products without toxic ingredients has many health benefits:

- they prevent skin diseases and allergies;

- strengthen the functioning of your skin;

- prevent skin dehydration;

- protect form external weather;

- promote a healthy appearance and nourish the skin;

- when you switch from a conventional product to natural products, they will help your body to free itself from the accumulated toxins (detox period).


Sometimes we look for "in situ" results; we want the results to be immediate but we can not forget that a balanced diet, exercising regularly, a well implemented routines, positivity, etc, are our best weapons to keep us healthy inside out. 



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