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About us


Herbalera creates unique Canadian skin care products ensuring the best choice for your body and the planet. Our goal is to connect you with affordable plant-based products, and help you reduce your ecological footprint by using our FSC certified eco-friendly packaging. Our work is based on the responsibility and the awareness of offering a quality service, where each product is the fruit of the close relationship between the crafter and our customer.


Our products

At Herbalera, we believe in the importance of taking care of our body inside and outside in a healthy and eco-friendly way. Our all-natural skin care products inspired by the craft tradition are cruelty free, and free of harmful synthetic materials or crude-oil derivative compounds. We use pure organic ingredients with unrefined and cold extracted oils & butters. Each ingredient was hand selected to create the perfect formula to get your skin back to its true nature. 


The Founder

Following her degree in biology, Tiziri developed a deep passion for plants and alternative medicine. Discovering the world of herbalism, in which she is currently studying, she decided to devote her life to share and defend her passion. Through Herbalera, she expresses her knowledge and experience by crafting all-natural skin care products with heart and consciousness. "Humanity is changing, and I would like to leave my own imprint in a world where people and the environment unite together to form a whole."


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