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Candelilla wax


Botanical Name: Euphorbia cerifera
100% natural
Plant part: Leaves
Origin: Mexico

This wax, similar in texture and behavior to beeswax, is obtained from the leaves of the Euphorbia cerifera or Candelilla. Because it’s 100% veggie-based, it’s a great alternative to beeswax.

Similar to beeswax, this South American product acts as an emulsifier, stabilizing any compound it’s added to. It also offers the same soothing properties, so it’s great for dry or irritated skin.

Where to find it:

Grapefruit + Lavender + Lemongrass deodorant

Bergamot + Tea tree + Cedarwood deodorant

Unscented deodorant

Vegan lip balm

Raspberry shade Vegan lip balm


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