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1) What is herbalEra eco-packaging made of?

It's made from fully biodegradable recycled kraft paper. Try to not get it wet.

2) How to use my eco-tubes (for lip balms and deodorants)?

To make the product protrude more from the top of the tube, simply push up gently on the card disc at the bottom of the tube. Be careful not to push the product too far out. The lid does allow for a generous amount to protrude but not too much. If however you have already pushed too much out, simply leave the tube somewhere cool and dry to ensure that the product is nice and firm, and then push down on the product in the opposite direction. 

3) What should I do with my eco-packaging once I've used all the product?

You can reuse it, or quite simply put it in with your green waste for compost or even better, bury it in your flower bed if you have one.